In my blogpost “Return of the Prodigal?” dwelling on the significance of the return of Issac Chisi Swu, Chairman of the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim (IM) to India on an Indian passport, I had claimed that he had arrived at New Delhi from Bangkok with his entourage in the wee hours of January 13. The only newspaper which mentioned it was The Telegraph, Kolkata.

Interestingly, just hours after this blogpost on January 15, 2011, a friend discretely messaged me that Swu had perhaps not at all arrived. All efforts to get a confirmation either way was met with silence.

Swu and his entourage finally arrived in New Delhi on the night of January 23, very much on the Indian Passports that I had mentioned. The delay apparently occurred due to procedural issues such as how was he to exit Bangkok on an Indian Passport having entered it with a Bangladeshi one and also the restriction the Indian Passport had, curbing him to use it from traveling to the US and the Netherlands.

While this delay doesn’t in any way alter the significance as I had articulated, this error still must be put on record and the correct date reported and recorded. I accept responsibility for the ‘intelligence failure’ on all counts.