Concerned over Mr. B. Raman’s endorsement of Narendra Modi for a ‘national role’ in his blogpost on April 15, 2011 titled  “Assertion of Youth Power in Support of Narendra Modi”, I responded with a detailed critique of his opinion in my own blogpost, “MODI-fication of India: Manufacturing consent by guile for NaMo” yesterday.

Mr. Raman, in his response soon after in his blogpost “My Article on Narendra Modi: A detailed rejoinder” not only re-published my entire blogpost, but also had this to say:

( I am reproducing below a detailed rejoinder to my articles on Shri Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, received by me from Shri Nilim Dutta,Executive Director, Strategic Research & Analysis Organisation. I have never met him, but have been interacting with him through the Internet on some of the issues on which I write in my blog. I have seen over a period of time that he is one of my well-wishers, who has been keeping track of my writings and views. He was one of the first to contact me and express politely his amazement and sense of disquiet over my article on Modi and particularly over my suggestion for the assertion of youth power in support of Modi. He felt that in the light of what had happened in Assam in the past, it was extremely unwise on my part to have made this suggestion. His objections to Modi as an individual, as an administrator and as an ideologue are based on ideological as well as what he perceives to be ethical grounds. While I do not agree with the conclusions advanced by him and while I see no reason to have any second thoughts on my two recent articles on Modi, I do feel that my readers have a right to know his arguments and conclusions and his sense of disquiet over my argumentation—B.Raman)

I stand by my critique of his opinion. At the same time, I deeply appreciate his magnanimity of spirit in debate. I appreciate that he respects the need to ask searching questions, the need to rigorously examine opinions to seek truth or wisdom. For this, he shall always be held in esteem.

Even as I write this, I hear my sister humming Leonard Cohen………

There’s a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in….

I shall continue to search to find the cracks in shibboleths, through which the light of truth could get in………….without fear or favour !!