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Crossing a dilapidated bridge on foot with my security detail in a severely conflict affected area in Chirang district, Western Assam.

Crossing a dilapidated bridge on foot with my security detail in a severely conflict affected area in Chirang district, Western Assam.

I have, in “How I became a Most Wanted RAW Agent” – I, already explained how in the feverish imagination of a bunch of Assam Police officers and the media, I became a RAW agent with almost supernatural powers of being able to change form from my father to myself while jumping off a building.

Here, I shall explain how my family and I possess such supernatural powers to be omnipresent in cities thousands of kilometers apart or be able to live in hotels without leaving a trace in the guest registers or sign a single bill during our stays.

In order to do so, I produce below the FIR, word-for-word, of the case for which ASI Arun Baruah, the ‘Investigating Officer’ (IO) in this case from the Dispur PS, had gone on the night of 02 February 2013 to arrest the accused Shri Dulal Chandra Dutta but happened to arrest, for some inexplicable reason, his son instead, who happens to be yours truly.

Dispur P.S. Case No: 2432/2012 u/s 420/406/511 of IPC registered on 08/11/2012


The Officer-in-Charge

Dispur Police Station

Dispur, Guwahati


I beg to inform you that Shri Dulal Chandra Dutta, resident of Rajabari, PS: Lichubari, Jorhat (Phone Nos: 092070 88850 and 092070 88852), along with his family, checked into our Hotel Nivedan, situated at Dispur Super Market on 18/02/2012 into room no 211 and lived there till 16/10/2012 when they left leaving the room locked and has not returned till today. Their total bill has come up to Rs. 5,48,275/- and they have paid an amount of Rs. 1,96,000.00 till 12.10.2012. They have not given us any information till today. We have come to know from our own inquiries that they are staying in a rented house in Rukminigaon. Whenever we have gone to there to ask for payments or to have the room vacated, they have been delaying it on one pretext or the other. We believe that they are trying to cheat us out of the due payments.

Therefore it is our humble prayer to you, kind Sir, to recover from them our due payments and have the room vacated.

Yours faithfully,

Anwar Hussain


Hotel Nivedan

The above FIR is dated 8/11/2012 and a case was registered on its basis the same day.

Thus, if the Assam Police is to be believed, as per the above FIR, a family lives in a hotel for 9 months and then one fine day disappears without a trace and the hotel’s management/proprietors waits for almost a month before informing the police?

That is besides the obvious question of why on earth would my family live in a hotel for 9 months, of all places, in Guwahati? And that too in one room?

Even more surprisingly, the family doesn’t leave behind even the slightest trace of their presence in their 9 months long stay. Let me explain. To the best of my knowledge, any guest, while checking into a hotel has to offer his/her valid IDs and sign the Guest Register. Barring minors, usually all members of the family who has checked in has to provide IDs. And there will also be inevitable bills signed during the stay, apart from CC TV footage of their presence. This Guest Register, in Guwahati, is mandatorily taken to the local police station every evening, thus giving the police information of guests residing in the hotel on any given day.

That is why, the complainant, could not even name any family members of Shri Dulal Chandra Dutta in the FIR, let alone offer any evidence of their stay there.

But that may be possible for families with supernatural powers. Let me explain.

In the FIRs of two other cases registered against me in the Dispur PS, and for which I was arrested, my crimes (or that of my family) were that of actually living in two other places in almost those same months.

These competing claims are as below:

Dispur PS Case No. 2432/2012 u/s 420/406/511 of IPC registered on 8 November 2012, claims Shri Dulal Chandra Dutta’s family lived in Hotel Nivedan from February-October 2012. Assuming that he is the same Dulal Chandra Dutta as my father, and that I have been arrested by the Dispur PS for this, I too have been living here.

Dispur PS Case No. 2770/2012 u/s 406/420 of IPC registered on 27 December 2012, claims that my family and I have been residing in Cottage #3, Housing Colony, Rukmininagar, Basistha Road, Guwahati – 781006 since 29 August 2012.

Dispur PS Case No. 233/2013 u/s 420/406 of IPC registered on 3 February 2013, on the other hand, claims that my family and I have been residing in yet another address since July 2012.

Last but not the least, I have been variously accused as not paying house rents or cabs I used in Delhi since March 2012 for months, by a very charming young lady in twitter whom I happen to know well (and whom I still hold no grudges against). I would consider her accusations as the most reliable evidence of my absence in Guwahati for a certain period of months. How could I be living for that very period in a hotel in Guwahati if I had been living in Delhi with her?

This just brings to my mind this dialogue, “Don ko pakadna mushkil nahi namumkin hai,” in a slightly modified form. Here “Don ko pakadna munkin tou hua, par woh kahan rehta tha janna namunkin hai.”

My family must have put Harry Potter to shame with its supernatural abilities.

My sister Smita with Raghu Rai and Commissioner, Upper Assam Division while crossing to Majuli at the height of floods in end of June 2012. I was naturally accompanying them on the trip.

My sister Smita with Raghu Rai and Commissioner, Upper Assam Division while crossing to Majuli at the height of floods in end of June 2012. I was naturally accompanying them on the trip.


Raghu Rai and I on the Brahmaputra on our crossing from Majuli to Nimatighat in Jorhat in July 2012.

Truth is, I flew back to Assam from Delhi in the last days of June 2012 on ‘official’ work, but not to Guwahati. (Even the boarding passes of every flight taken is anyway meticulously filed away and I can retrieve those whenever I need to, to prove a point). I was in upper Assam (Eastern Assam) for nearly a month when ethnic violence engulfed the BTAD districts of Kokrajhar and Chirang in 3rd week of July 2012 in Western Assam, making me rush to the disturbed area soon, thereafter. Over the next 4-5 months, I spent a greater part of my time in Kokrajhar, Chirang and parts of Dhurbri, only occasionally returning to Guwahati or to Delhi. Even on the few days I managed to spend in Guwahati, I rarely had time to even go home. Where I was on any given day can not only be revealed by CDR of my mobile phones, but also debit/credit card usage, record of meetings with senior government officials, official commands assigning me adequate armed police personnel for my security cover in the districts and many more indisputable evidence.

Preparing to speak to a BBC team on the ethnic violence while camping at Bongaigaon, early September 2012. The one kneeling is Udit Kulshrestha.  (@uditkulshrestha in twitter)

Preparing to speak to a BBC team on the ethnic violence while camping at Bongaigaon, early September 2012. The one kneeling is Udit Kulshrestha. (@uditkulshrestha in twitter)

Apart from the above, teams from national and international media organisations, current MPs and national leaders from several national political parties actually found me on the ground in the violence-affected districts along with several members of my family, including my father Dulal Chandra Dutta there.


Addressing the foreign media on the ethnic violence in Assam at The Foreign Corespondents’ Club, New Delhi on 13 September, 2012. To my right is former Union Home Secretary Mr. G.K. Pillai and to left is Sanjoy Majumder of BBC who moderated the event.

And there are hundreds of hours of video footage and thousands of photographs to substantiate that.

But this is not all.

On the evening of 8 November 2012 (the day the case was registered), at about 4:30 pm, ASI Arun Baruah, along with a few armed police personnel from the Dispur PS had come to my bungalow in Guwahati, (Cottage #3, Housing Colony, Rukmininagar) that had been leased recently to set up my control room in Guwahati from which to administer and coordinate our ongoing relief operations and investigations into and documentation of the violence in Kokrajhar and Chirang. He informed me (falsely) that I had been named as an accused in the case I have mentioned here and that I will have to now go with him to the Dispur PS. When I demanded to see the FIR, he was evasive. A little more probing revealed that in fact it was my father who was actually named in the FIR. When I confronted him as to why would I need to go to the PS when I had nothing to do with the matter, he left in disappointment, but not before dropping hints that this will have consequences.

When I called up home and informed my father about the matter, he was incensed and went to the Dispur PS voluntarily a couple of hours later to find out why would he be named in a FIR. Significantly, even though he was the accused named in the FIR, that he couldn’t be detained or arrested should be indicative of the authenticity of the complaint.

Why was Shri Dulal Chandra Dutta, the named accused in the FIR not arrested? I have enough reasons to believe that it was not only because there wasn’t a shred of evidence to do so, but also because it was I who was actually sought to be implicated. And there is a lot more to this than I am revealing here. These are being placed before the appropriate court of law and it is inevitable that justice shall be done.

What must not be overlooked is that the case was registered just a day before the killings in Kokrajhar and Chirang resumed on 10 November 2012, something which I have been, on record, warning about. I had already become a disturbing presence to many who didn’t want lakhs of those dispossessed by violence to return to their homes and I have been a persistent obstacle to their designs.

I had to be somehow deterred from intervening in the unfolding events in the BTAD districts, even if it meant arresting me in a case, where I wasn’t even named as an accused and on charges of not paying the bills in a hotel I never set foot in. A couple of months after this case was registered, that is exactly what happened.

There are just four more things I would like to point out:

First, I couldn’t have been a fugitive from justice, as claimed by the police or the media if the Assam Police itself assigned me armed personnel for my security cover, and when I was in touch with the senior-most officials entrusted with the law & order situation in the state.

Second, the FIR even in this case doesn’t mention anywhere about anyone claiming to be a RAW Agent. In fact, this FIR doesn’t even name me. Why did the media play this up again and again?

Third, the FIR also doesn’t make any accusations of any bounced cheques, unlike claims made in the media.

Fourth, I would humbly request anyone who claims these allegations to be true to try and stay in a Guwahati hotel, without providing his/her valid IDs, without signing the Hotel Guest Register, without paying the hotel in advance, let alone running up a credit of several lakhs over a few months.

In the matter of accusations made by the Assam Police regarding non-payment of any bills of Hotel Nivedan, thus, I rest my case.

But there are more revelations to be made.

(To be continued)