Nilim Dutta is currently the Executive Director, Research & Operations at the Strategic Research & Analysis Organisation, India.

He is among the most incisive observers and analysts of the multitude of conflicts that plague South Asia, arising out of complex and contentious issues of history, identity, faith, ethnicity, ideology and nationality. In areas such as India’s North East, has played a crucial role of intervention on the ground, beyond academic research and scholarly analysis, a role he has sought to progressively expand to other areas of expertise (Such as law & governance) and geo-political regions.

Among the critical programmes he heads, are:

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Website link 2 copy

His interests and involvement can be best described as follows:

Geo-politics, Governance, Institution building…

Strategic security affairs, small arms proliferation, ethnic conflicts & civil wars, implication to regional & global security, human security…

Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation, elephant conservation in particular, traditional ecological knowledge systems…

History,Heritage, Art & Culture…….Archaeological explorations and related specialties of epigraphy & iconography, field surveys, Heritage Documentation, Conservation & Planning, Folklore, Oral Traditions & Oral history….Archiving audio-visual and textual contents related to lesser known areas or themes of South and South East Asian History…

Cinema and Celluloid Heritage, Curating Festivals, Screenings, Exhibitions…

Photography, Travel….

1 thought on “About”

  1. Kavita Krishnan said:

    Dear Nilim Dutta,
    I am Kavita Krishnan, editor of Liberation, the monthly publication of the CPI(ML). We would like to carry excerpts from your article ‘The Myth of the Bangladeshi’ (as appeared in Kafila), in the September issue of Liberation. We hope you would not object? Thank you, Kavita

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